The future is now

I am really not aware of any tools or sites that should be considered for this type of program. As they become available and known, I hope someone (not to mention names, but I know we  can count on Garrett!) will be on top of it and pass it on.

What I think would be of use to all of us is to actually use the tools we have just learned about– start a wiki for a work group (or family or bookclub or whatever!)   I am hoping to write a blog on my next trip, and upload some digital pictures from my flickr account.

For Staff Development Day, Marsha and I are leading a discussion group on restaurants and recipes.  In the past, maybe we would have considered making a recipe book, or a printed list of local restaurants.  Now, I’m thinking we should tag restaurants or recipes and put them on, or start a library wiki, or ….

Hopefully, we all have learned a new mind-set and will start to use these tools and keep up with new ones as they appear.   In that way, we will definitely be part of the Library of the Future– whatever form that takes!


2 Responses to “The future is now”

  1. 1 svl2 November 6, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    Trip blogging is a great idea! I followed a blog from a trio of former classmates from college as they biked cross-country for charity and it was so much fun!
    Thanks again for your participation!
    -Garrett & the L2 Team

  2. 2 joyousoccasion November 7, 2007 at 7:15 am

    I looked up Yelp from one of the winning Web 2.0 awards and you could type in Sunnyvale and get new ideas of where to have lunch. I get tired of the same old places, but there really isn’t anything new coming around us for awhile, hopefully.

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