You Tube: not for those who have busy lives!

I have looked at YouTube clips before, and have been sent emails with clips to look at, but I’ve actually never spent time at WORK looking for my favorite little video. There are so many out there!! I decided to look up the TV Show The Office, since I hardly ever watch it, and I had just seen the new Steve Carrell movie over the weekend. Here is the clip:

I can’t believe how easy it is to upload a video. In fact, I wanted to move it around on the blog, and that was super-simple too.

Obviously, looking at YouTube was not library related, but I could certainly see how small videos would be useful. We could make podcasts  about using our print system, placing a hold, using Link+, etc. (Just think of anything you explain more than 5 times/day!) We could have explanations for various databases, publicity for upcoming events, and little biographies of librarians with their favorite books. So many uses; so little time!


1 Response to “You Tube: not for those who have busy lives!”

  1. 1 svl2 October 26, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    Great idea for using YouTube. Most library videos I’ve seen were related to programs or special events, but not so much for demonstrating everyday tasks. We can probably learn a lot from CommonCraft…

    btw, looks like the Office video isn’t up anymore. Probably NBC Universal forced YouTube to take their material off. I guess hundreds of millions of potential viewers don’t fit into their marketing plans.

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