Web 2.0: The best of the best

I chose to check out Web 2.0 nominees, and chose to look at “books”. I was glad to see Library Thing listed, as well as biblio.com, which I have used to look for out-of-print books. All of those people out there who are looking to self-publish might really like lulu, so I am glad I saw that as well.

From there, I just continued down the page to business, where I saw a site that would have helped me (had I known about it) for the past few months, shopify.com where you can organize your shopping. From there, down to City Guides, where one of my favorite sites, Yelp, was listed. I tend to check out Yelp for restaurants, etc. whenever someone suggests a new place.

I could see continuing down the list for quite a while…. but that will have to wait until I finish these 27 things and can just spend time browsing away. These sites can be addictive!!


1 Response to “Web 2.0: The best of the best”

  1. 1 svl2 October 26, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    Hopefully the sites save you enough time over conventional methods so you can at least break even.

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